Bois Servant - Return to GalleryAlways a popular piece a traditional settle. However, this one doubles as a log store.  

I have, in the past, been asked if I supply a clay stem pipe and Pewter Tankard to go with it.  This example is in Solid Oak, but, some years ago, when it was available, I almost always made them in Elm.

This particular version is lined with 1.5mm zinc sheet to help withstand the rough treatment of logs being dropped in or dragged out.  Hopefully it will last as long as the originals of the seventeenth century.  

As with most of my work it is finished natural and waxed with Bees wax in Turpentine.  I do stain and colour and have often French polished but, I prefer to let the wood speak for itself.  Also few people are prepared to pay for the time required to produce a pristine French polish finish and even fewer are prepared to accept the delicacy of the finish and the extra care needed if it is to stay that way.

Approx dimensions: 2000mm x 1300mm x 500mm Seat height 420mm.


Guide Price: 2,500.00€

Smaller versions correspondingly less

  • SettleOak Settle & Logbox
  • SettleOak Settle & Logbox