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This is my interpretation of one of the oldest chairs known to man.  Found in the tomb of the Egyptian Queen Hetep-Heres.  Wife of Snofru and mother of Cheops.  The builder of the great Pyramid at Giza.  It dates from around 4,600BC (6,600 years ago) Originally it was to be gilded and upholstered in Black Velvet. However, once the client saw the beauty of the Oak she decided on a natural finish of Bee’s wax in Turpentine and the colour of the upholstery was changed to blend in with the next phase of the project.  As part of an Egyptian themed bedroom, the chair will be joined by a bed with headboard and bedside tables similar to the chair.  There will be a three drawer chest based upon Anubis on his sledge which will be Gold and black.  Accompanied by two wardrobes which will both be copies of the Sarcophagus of Tutenkhamun in Turquise,  terracotta and Gold.  One with the Gold Mask of Tutenkhamun and one with the crowned head of Nefertiti.
This chair has taken 60 hours of meticulous crafting all by hand and will cost around 

  • Hetep-Heres Chair
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  • Hetep-Heres Chair